Eleni Rivers

Photos by Eleni Rivers.

I have travelled far and wide and lived on several continents which has provided a rich source of experience to draw upon. However, on returning to my homeland in Australia, I now value being a tourist in my own backyard which happens to be the Southern Grampians in Victoria…and what a backyard it is!

These ancient rocks are an endless source of inspiration and like a trusted spiritual teacher, a daily reminder of earth wisdom and patience. Birdlife is rich and varied - slowly I am learning their names and characteristics. Kangaroos can be seen in the hundreds, some emus and wallabies, an occasional echidna and there are many more critters that I have yet to spot. If you were to visit in the Spring, the wildflowers are amazing.  

I can often be found climbing the mountains, or venturing out to find a favourite tree, or sit by a stream where I make watercolour studies on the spot. These studies inform the more finished work back in the studio and in time, will give rise to a whole new body of work still in production. Meanwhile, posted here are some of these quick studies. 

As well as my own art practice, I have taught art to literally hundreds of adult students over many, many years.