Earth Spirit speak

Landscape is the source of all in my work. All my life I have been a city dweller except for the last two years. since moving to the Grampians, 3 hours west of Melbourne, I have had plenty of time to quietly observe the play of light on ancient mountains, giant River Red Gums go through the seasons providing a home to hundreds of birds and insects, to observe the way they lose their bark to reveal a variety of colours, a meadow of wildflowers in the spring, to learn the names and sounds of many birds.... and try to imagine what this place would have been like before it was fenced up into parcels , the soil decimated by hard-hoofed grazing animals, when First Peoples told stories of this landscape, stories that are now lost. 

My job as an artist is to get out of the way, to let Earth Spirit speak through me, to express a deeper story.